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For the sharp-eyed among us, you may have noticed that today’s post went live at 9:01 AM eastern time, as opposed to its normal 9 AM arrival.  Chances are, if you are one of those people, you will have already noticed a change in the menu bar of our website: the addition of a “Store” tab!

All of us here at Willmore Consulting Group are really excited to finally be launching our new web store, which has been in the development pipeline for almost 6 months now!  Hosted and serviced through Amazon, our web store allows you to purchase books and media created and recommended by all of us here at Willmore Consulting Group, as well as featured content created by our guest bloggers.

So, what kind of stuff can you expect to find on our store?  At launch, we have all 4 of Joe Willmore’s professionally published books, a featured book by previous guest blogger Donald Ford, as well as the often mentioned movie Apollo 13, which includes a plethora of examples of useful job aids which can be used under stressful circumstances.  As time goes along and Joe publishes more books, we will add those as well, as well as adding applicable content from future guest blog authors.

In terms of ordering stuff off of our store, you can rest assured that the entire process is handled securely by well versed professionals.  How is that?  We have our store set up through Amazon, so that they will handle your order with their standard quality and efficiency.  In addition to the secure and reliable process, you will be able to use your pre-existing Amazon account and shipping information instead of having to create a new account specifically for our website.

We would also like to mention that we are open to the possibility of our guests suggesting content to fill up our store, so, by all means, feel free to contact us with anything that you think might be useful for our store.

In mildly related news, I would also like to mention that we, last week, updated our media page with two new items: a training demo video featuring Joe and an audio interview in which Joe was featured in the ASTD Podcast.  We also just added “jump links” to some of our longer pages.  In short, jump links offer a little navigation section at the top of a page with links that will take you to a particular pre-defined part of the page.  Click on the link, and you immediately get jumped to that location on the page without having to manually find or scroll to it.  Some examples are our Evolution of Performance Consulting page and our recently updated legal page (more details below).

If you are having any issues with our new store, I would recommend that you try opening it in a new window (using the handy “open in new window” link provided right above the store!) or, if that doesn’t work, sending me an email and describing what problems you’re having.  We will do our best to work out any problems you are having!

Also, please note that we have updated our legal terms of service for the inclusion of the Amazon store as of Saturday, September 26, 2009.

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