A New Way to Share

When we first launched the Willmore Consulting Group website, we wanted to include a feature allowing visitors (such as yourself) to share the content that they found.  So we followed the trend of including, at the bottom of our posts and pages, several buttons to share the page’s content through various sources.  While this works, it isn’t very glamorous and can often get lost, in addition to taking up space on every single page, whether the user intended on sharing the content or not.

So instead of simply conforming to the norm, we decided to innovate.  As of today, we have removed the share buttons at the bottom of every page.  But what did we do?  How can you still share the content of our pages (without simply doing it manually, of course)?  Simply select the text that you want to share!

By selecting text, you will call a “popup” listing several sharing options, including printing, email, Facebook, Twitter, and search (searching our website).  These functions behave the same as the previous share buttons, so there is no getting used to the new system – besides, of course, the new method of sharing.