Joe Willmore’s Bio

Joe Willmore is the President and founder of the Willmore Consulting Group. With over three decades of experience as a consultant, facilitator and trainer, he has worked with a wide range of public and private sector organizations within the United States as well as internationally. These clients have included: the World Bank, the National Geographic Society, Wal-Mart, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grumman, VIA Rail of Canada, USAID, Booz Allen Hamilton, the Wilderness Society, Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission, McCormick Spices, National Security Agency, the Washington Wizards, UPS, US Navy, Houston Texans, Sandia National Laboratory, US Postal Service, Environmental Protection Agency, National Park Service, the Smithsonian Institution, the Houston Texans, and the Washington Nationals.

Joe Willmore is highly regarded by his peers and is a leader in his field of human performance. Specifically, he has authored four books in the field. He has been a leader within the profession, serving on the Board of Directors for the Association for Talent Development. He was one of the first facilitators certified by ATD to lead their Human Performance Improvement workshop series. He has been selected as a presenter or workshop facilitator for conferences by over 14 different professional societies. In addition to authoring four books, he has also contributed chapters for six other books and authored over twenty other articles for scholarly or professional publications. He previously held a TS-SCI clearance.

Joe Willmore is especially noted for his expertise and work in several specific areas:

Performance Analysis

Using a performance improvement methodology, Joe Willmore conducts a front-end analysis that identifies measurable performance gaps, establishes critical outcomes, determines causes and establishes outstanding performers (and what other people can copy from the exemplars).


With strong platform skills, Joe Willmore is a very experienced trainer in both traditional classroom as well as synchronous or asynchronous virtual settings. He has experience working with a variety of training populations (from blue collar road crews to financial analysts to hostage rescue teams) and participant levels (from executives to entry level high school graduates). As a trainer, he places a heavy emphasis on interactive and experiential activities as well as stories.


Joe Willmore has facilitated a variety of groups and sessions including some extremely volatile topics (employee grievance sessions, Dept. of Interior trust fund controversies). He has worked in a range of different formats and sessions including future search conferences, open space technology, and town hall meetings. He is particularly noted for facilitating sessions that generate effective action- plans and post-meeting results. 1xbet arabic

Strategic Planning

Joe Willmore has conducted strategy work for many diverse organizations. He has particular expertise using a scenario-based planning methodology. العاب مربحة He has facilitated the creation of strategic plans, conducted focus groups and interviews to provide participant input, lead benchmarking initiatives, developed strategic metrics, conducted visioning and mission develop sessions and coached executives to develop and refine organizational goals.

Customer Service

Joe Willmore has worked with a range of organizations (from government to sports teams) on service-related issues. This work has ranged from developing service standards to improving front- line service skills to developing service and branding strategies to identifying critical touch points.