Books for New Performance Consultants

One of the most frequent topics that comes up with newly minted performance consultants (or those in the midst of ASTD’s HPI certificate series or those trying to get a better feel for what HPI is about) deals with what resources I’d recommend to those just starting out.  There is a wealth of material out there that is useful to performance consultants (and much of it isn’t what people would consider to be in the HPI/HPT arena).   I’ll take a look at some other resources (like websites) in another entry. العاب قمار روليت  For now, let’s start with just books.  So that means focusing on practical books (less emphasis on the theory, more emphasis on the “how to” or an explanation of how performance consulting is different from what most people do now). لعبت البوكر Continue reading “Books for New Performance Consultants”