ASTD 2009 Conference

Magazine Cover

It’s always fun to attend conferences.  At the 2009 ASTD International Conference, one of the things the staff did was allow attendees to pose on their own T+D cover.  Okay, it may be a conference promotional tool but it’s nice to see a performance consultant on the cover of a trade magazine!

Joe Willmore, President

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About Joe Willmore

Joe Willmore is the President and founder of the Willmore Consulting Group. With over two decades of experience as a consultant, facilitator and trainer, he has worked with a wide range of public and private sector organizations within the United States as well as internationally. Joe Willmore is highly regarded by his peers and is a leader in his field of human performance. Specifically, he has authored four books in the field. He has been a leader within the profession, serving on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Training and Development. He was one of the first facilitators certified by ASTD to lead their Human Performance Improvement workshop series. He has been selected as a presenter or workshop facilitator for conferences by over 14 different professional societies.